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   Dolle Communications is a cognitive neurosciences company located in Orange County, California, specializing in drum circle facilitation, drumming therapy, hydrocephalus monitoring, mHealth designs, and cognitive accessibility.

    We provide drum circles for team building, wellness, senior living, drug & alcohol addiction, and corporate & community outreach. We are particularly known for drumming for the brain. More recently, we published methods in Drumming for Football, and will soon publish methods in drumming for basketball.

    In mHealth development, we advise on diagnostic protocols for mHealth mobile apps, user instructions, and provide consulting in cognitive accessibility. Stephen Dolle, our founder, was one of the early pioneers of mHealth apps, having designed & patented his DiaCeph Test for the disorder, hydrocephalus, back in 1997. DiaCeph is similar and was designed around the same time as the Impact Test for monitoring of sports concussion. 

    We provide CNS shunt monitoring and consulting for hydrocephalus, based in part on the DiaCeph Test, and on Stephen's extensive work with hydrocephalus and CNS shunts. He also works with a number of very helpful NeuroCare mobile apps, and provides expert advise on apps for hydrocephalus and cognitive disabilities. Stephen shares his story and neuroscience efforts with hydrocephalus, drumming for the brain, assistive technology for cognitive dysfunction, and cognitive accessibility in keynotes talks. We are developing a separate web site on Cognitive Accessibility. And in the meantime, please see our page here. Our About Us page also offers information on all of our domains.

    Our drumming methods are particularly helpful in balance & body movement, sensory integration, communication skills, cognition, productivity, fitness, weight loss, personal development, and with cancer & chronic illness. We are also doing some work in trance heightened states, and integrate some of these methods into our drumming.

    In 2011, Stephen spoke at Wright State University on drumming for the brain in STEM3 education methods. His power point "Engage the Rhythms of your Brain" is available on (and in the viewer below). His presentation covers drumming applications for STEM3 (teaching curriculum), special education, sensory processing disorders, behavioral health, and cites benefits in drumming for a wide range of disorders, including, autism, Parkinson's Disease, hydrocephalus, PTSD, post TBI, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and aging. In Nov. 2014, Stephen was interviewed on his work with drumming on the Circle of Insight internet television program with host, Carlos Vazquez, and guest psychologist, Dr. Bob Weathers.



Contact Us

Contact us at (949) 642-4592 during extended business hours in California (Pacific Standard Time), and via contact[at]DolleCommunications[dot]com.  Please "Like" our social networks.  Enjoy our slide show on Drumming for the Brain in Education (STEM3).


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